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We started as a statement against the slow and expensive normal construction technique that dominated the field of construction services since ages. We wanted to set a new, high standard and evolve as a fastest , sustainable, reasonable method of prefab home construction to meet our client needs.

The company quickly grew and cemented itself as the new golden standard in prefab building construction from design, manufacture of 2.3mx6.2m container homes to large residential/commercial homes upto 500 Sqm area  . Today we continue to build on that legacy and strive for excellence in everything we do.

With varied home construction solution in the prefab home manufacture industry, Homenids has exported more than 2170 buildings to more than 17 countries around the world, most of our buildings are ISO 9001 certified.
We offer a complete design , manufacture and on-site installation if required.


1827 W Gowan Road, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032, United States

Phone / Whatsapp No. :- +1 404-594-4627