Expandable Container Homes

Our Expandable Homes EFI offers a beautiful design and an efficient housing solution. Once expanded container homes EFI creates a spacious home or studio to comfortably accommodate your needs. With aesthetically pleasing finishes that take advantage of creating a feeing of space.

Custom layouts also allow you to create the home you need with minimal effort.

Available in 3 (three) sizes as EFI-20 , EFI-30 and EFI-40

EFI- 20 : 5850 x 6300 x2500 mm (open size). 5850 x 2250 x 2500 mm (closed/shipping size) as 36 Sqm AREA

EFI- 30 : 9000 x 6300 x 2500 mm (open size). 9000 x 2250 x 2500 mm (closed/shipping size) as 56 Sqm AREA

EFI- 40 : 11580 x 6300 x 2500 mm (open size). 11580 x 2250 x 2500 mm (closed/shipping size) as 74 Sqm AREA

Framing and outer materials:
Galvanized Steel frame, EPS sandwich wall panel

75 mm External wall and 50 internal mm EPS sandwich wall panel.

Internal Materials:
Fiber cement floorboard, PVC floor covering


Wind rating: 0.3 kN/㎡
Roof loading: 100 kg/
Earthquake:8 Grade
Floor loading: 3 kN/㎡
Rain: the roof is welded and well sealed; it is totally water-proof and can withstand tropical downpours.

Windows / Doors:
6/8/10 windows, 1 double glazed sliding door

EFI 20 – 2500 kg
EFI 30 – 4500 kg
EFI 40 – 6500 kg

Environmental Footprint:
The main material of container house is steel frame which can be recycled. Large size construction base is not needed during container house installation, reducing construction effects on the environment.




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