Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Prefab home, prefab building and why we use prefab construction?

    Prefabricated home, also referred to as modular house or prefab home is a production completely produced in factory including all its parts such as doors, windows, electric network, plumbing, kitchen , insulation, cladding, paint…etc, under strict quality control. The prefab product is then packed and loaded inside truck or shipping container and transported to the site.

  2. What are the main advantages of prefabricated construction?

    • Quick production

    • Pre-produced inside factory environment under strict quality control

    • Quick assembling

    • Comes with all parts included such ass windows, doors, electricity network and fittings, sanitary network and fittings.

    • Economic prices compared with conventional way of building

    • Standard and customized products according to customer’s requirements

    • Earthquake resistant with its light weight yet strong structure

    • Fire resistant as all materials are fire rated

    • Environmentally-friendly

    • Excellent heat and sound insulation

    • Durable and long lasting structures

    • After sales service online or by email

  3. What are the main costs that I should consider if building a modular home or modular villa?

    • Factory price from shipping port as FOB which is quoted by Homenids

    • Shipping Cost to destination country port which is quoted by Homenids

    • Transportation cost by truck or lorry from country port to buyer address

    • VAT/GST if any imposed by destination country

    • Import Tax, Customs clearance , Custom duty and taxes at country of destination

    • Cost of foundation

    • Cost of local permits

    • Cost of assembling including assembling tools ,equipment and manpower

  4. What is the lead or manufacture time for product after order?

    It depends on order quantities and type of prefab home manufacture. Generally speaking, the lead time with finishing be minimum 35 days.

  5. How to install after the goods arrive at the destination?

    We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you. However, the visa
    fee,air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.


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