Building Your Dream Prefab Modular Home with Homenids

Homenids design and manufacture various Prefab Homes from LGS villa, Expandable Container Homes, SIP Homes, Cement Foam Concrete Homes especially Off-the-grid homes for residential , homestay , resort , office use and also can customize the standard one. Our homes are eco-friendly, sustainable , earthquake-proof, fire-proof, hurricane-proof, snow load proof, thermally insulated and durable enough to sustain 50 years plus service life. Hence, they can save a lot of time and labour cost during the construction and life.

Custom Prefab Home Building

At Homenids, we specialize in creating Modular or Prefab homes that fit your individual needs and style. From design , manufacture to installation if required by client, we ensure that every detail is perfect. However you need to get building permission from your local relevant authority / board of your drawing , our design and specification before construction or installation.

Light Steel Villa

Light steel construction technology is a production system where building elements are produced from galvanized steel with cold forming process. The building details whose structural design is realized are conveyed to the machine and formed on the specially designed Structure Robot lines. Human errors are minimized by means of prefabrications realized in factory environment and on robot lines.

Prefabricated Container Homes

Our Container Homes are of High Quality , robust, modern and fast and easy to Install . They are Earthquake proof , fire proof, thermally insulated, fire proof , wind proof . They are very fast to install and can be install anywhere.

Fast production, fast service, and response to the needs of small to  large-scale engineering construction housing in a short time are very important

About us

Homenids is a leading Prefabricated home manufacturer and supplier dedicated to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable homes. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we bring your vision to life.

Let Homenids Build the Home of Your Dreams.


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