Ready-made Expandable Modular Home

Our Ready made Expandable Modular Homes or Casita EFI series offers a beautiful design and an efficient housing solution. Once expanded Modular homes EFI creates a spacious home or studio to comfortably accommodate your needs. With aesthetically pleasing finishes that take advantage of creating a feeing of space.

Custom layouts also allow you to create the home you need with minimal effort.

Available in 3 (three) sizes as EFI-20 , EFI-30 and EFI-40 .

We Ship our Prefab Home worldwide to any country wherever accessible.

EFI- 20 : 19' 2'' (L) x 20'8'' (B) x 8'3'' (H) (open size) as 390 Sq.Ft. AREA. ( 1/2 Bedroom)

EFI- 30 : 29' 6" (L) x 20'8'' (B) x 8'3'' (H)(open size) as 612 Sq. Ft. AREA ( 1/2/3 Bedroom)

EFI- 40 : 38' (L) x 20'8'' (B) x 8'3'' (H) (open size) as 802 Sq. Ft. AREA ( 2/3/4 Bedroom)

Our Home Price Start from 15,450 EUR / 16,800 USD FOB from one bedroom.

Framing and outer materials:
Galvanized Steel frame, EPS sandwich / PU wall panel

Windows / Doors:
6/8/10 Aluminium alloy windows, 1 double glazed sliding door

EFI 20 – 3000 kg
EFI 30 – 4500 kg
EFI 40 – 6500 kg

Environmental Footprint:
The main material of Modular house is steel frame which can be recycled. Large size construction base is not needed during Modular house installation, reducing construction effects on the environment.



Regarding Local Authority Building Permit for installation of our Modular Home wherever in US, CA, AU, NZ, IR,UK or any other country although our product are already CE certified and  in line with the same country standard . However for any specific local and county/region standard building code and permit which if do not match with our technical specification and design it is duty of buyer to get our drawings , materials approved to Local Authority /Board through their Architect, Engineer etc.

We provide Electrical and Plumbing materials as per US, AU, CA, NZ ,IR etc. Country standard. 

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