Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are the main advantages of our Pre-manufactured and Foldable Tiny ADU, Tiny Home EFI series than others?

    • Quick production

    • Pre-produced inside factory environment under strict quality control

    • Quick assembling and extendable to about three items its folding size in 10 minute by a team of 4/6 workers.

    • Comes with all parts included such as windows, doors, electricity network and fittings, sanitary network and fittings.

    • Economic prices compared to other Tiny home of same building area .

    • Damp proof and rust proof .

    • Earthquake resistant with its light weight yet strong structure

    • Fire resistant due to PU insulation and MGO board flooring as fire retarded materials.

    • Environmentally-friendly

    • Excellent heat and sound insulation due to PU insulation

    • Durable and long lasting structures high quality steel.

    • After sales service online or by email

  2. What are the main costs that I should consider while purchasing our Pre-manufactured and Foldable Tiny ADU, Tiny Home EFI series.

    • Product kit cum delivery price* already quoted by Homenids to buyer address or last mile address wherever accessible by a trailer/truck.

    • Unloading charges to be borne by buyer like forklift and crane charge.

    • Cost of foundation if any .

    • Cost of local permits if any.

  3. What is the delivery time for our Tiny Home EFI series after order?

    The delivery time of our Tiny Home with manufacturing will be 85 days after order.

  4. Where do water and sewage go? What about electricity?

    To clarify, EFI series EFI Home does not have a dark or grey water tank included. Therefore, it requires a connection to a city sewage system or an additional septic tank. However, the house does come equipped with a 50 Amp duplex plug, a 120V connection, and a standard city water inlet.

  5. How to install the Foldable home EFI series after it arrive at the destination?

    We will send detailed instruction to you. Installation of Foldable home EFI series is very easy. It is just need one crane and one forklift to unload it to respective place(ground /foundation) from truck/lorry. After that, unfolding of home takes about 10 minute works by a four to six workers team.

  6. Do you have any return & refund & policy ?

    You are free to cancel your order at any moment within 24 hours of depositing of initial pre-order deposit with email to us for cancellation of order . Then your deposit will be refunded excluding any transaction or service fee. Once 24 hours time expire it will not be refunded.

    The sale of a EFI Tiny Home is final. These goods cannot be exchanged, canceled, returned, or refunded because they are custom manufactured for each customer.

  7. What are your payment method? Are they safe?

    Our payment methods are 100% safe and secured.

    You can pay by card and various methods available for payment through STRIPE payment gateway .


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