XPOD Cabin

We are introducing our new modern and aesthetically beautiful POD/ tiny home as XPOD Cabin which offers a beautiful design , occupy less space yet provide an efficient housing solution. It can be used for home and office equally.

Our XPOD cabin is a modular dwelling come as a ready to move in unit and delivered to the location as a complete unit. The compact design, features a rustic aesthetic and can accommodate several people. It comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area, making it an ideal option for minimalist living or weekend getaways, homestay etc .

Available in 20 feet long size.


  • Come as a ready to move in complete unit .

  • Best thermally insulated with high quality insulation

  • Can be fixed to ground on concrete block as foundation with pillar.

  • Damp proof and rust proof as it is galvanized painting outside.

  • Comes with Electrical items , Bathroom, Water closet , Shower, mirror, Kitchen cabinet , Wall cabinet, Double stainless steel sink etc.

Dimension :
Externally- 19' (L) x 7'5'' (W) x 8'3'' (H) as 140 Sq.Ft. AREA
Internally- 18' (L) x 6'9'' (W) x 7'3'' (H)
Framing and outer materials:
Galvanized Steel frame and columns

Windows / Doors:
Aluminum alloy windows, Steel doors

2500 Kg

Environmental Footprint:
The main material of home is steel frame which can be recycled.



Regarding permit from Local Authority/Council/Zonal regulations as per Building Code, Standard for installation of our XPOD cabin tiny home , it generally does not require any permit as its area( 140 Sq. ft.) is less than 150 Sq. ft. 

Need Financing?

We have teamed up with Lightstream to provide financing solutions for those in need of assistance purchasing a XPOD Cabin tiny home. Now, owning your dream tiny home is more accessible than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity – let us help you make your tiny home dreams a reality!                     

Price of XPOD cabin home kit is 37,000 USD with delivery* to all US locations.

Please pay minimum 50% as initial pre-order deposit and rest 50% later.

If you want to know more about our XPOD cabin home and any query about purchase related questions to it then please visit our Frequently Asked Question or Contact us for any support or help.

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Drawing of XPOD cabin

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